In compliance with the requirements of Finance Act 2016, Schedule 19, Paragraph 16(2), the below companies (“the UK Group”) publish their tax strategy for the year ending 31 December 2024.

  • Daimler Truck UK Limited and its subsidiaries
  • Daimler Buses Limited and its subsidiaries
  • Daimler Truck Financial Services UK Limited and its subsidiaries

Management and governance

The UK Group’s approach to tax is governed by the Daimler Trucks AG Head of Tax, who is responsible for ensuring that policies and procedures are in place, maintained and used consistently around the world.

The tax affairs of the UK Group are managed by the UK Group Tax Team, with support from the Heads of Accounting, and Group Reward Managers, who are fully integrated into the business operations of the UK Group.

We are a responsible group when it comes to tax issues, and fulfil all legal tax requirements, with the aim of being a good corporate citizen.

Tax risk management

The UK Group Tax Team identifies, assesses and manages tax risks and ensures they are accounted for appropriately.  We implement risk management measures, including controls over compliance processes and monitor their effectiveness.

We adhere to relevant tax laws and we seek to minimise the risk of uncertainty or dispute.

Tax advisors are used to form second opinions on complex tax transactions, and where there is uncertainty, dialogue is proactively opened with HMRC to ensure agreement in approach.

We work collaboratively with HMRC at all times.

Tax planning

We do not implement aggressive or abusive tax planning.  We do tax planning in line with regulations, which supports our business and reflects commercial and economic activity.  All transactions are driven by their commercial rationale, rather than being shaped to deliver a tax advantaged result (i.e. tax follows business decisions).


We support the principle of increased tax transparency, with its aim to increase public awareness of tax systems and create trust amongst society.  We believe that this added transparency amongst involved tax authorities will demonstrate our significant contribution towards society through the various taxes that we pay and collect.

Interaction with HMRC

We are committed to complying with tax laws in a responsible manner and maintaining an open and transparent relationship with HMRC.

The UK Tax Manager maintains an ongoing dialogue with the HMRC Customer Compliance Manager, ensuring they are updated of any changes in our business as they arise.